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Campus Recreation Center

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Kristin - Kit Kat

Major: Biology, Spanish

Fun Fact: I've seen the camp troll once.

Tre - Tre Train 

Major: Business

Fun Fact: I've been at camp the longest.


Natalie - Cashew

Major: Human Development

Fun Fact: Spanish was my first language.

Jake - Doc

Major: Geography

Fun Fact: I can name every country on a map.

Lauren - Lemonade 

Major: Early Childhood Studies

Fun Fact: My favorite candy is Reeces. 

Brooke - Sarsaparilla 

Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: I've built my own computer.

Nate - Nate the Great

Major: Political Science

Fun Fact: I am a personal trainer

Louisa - Lou Lou 

Major: Early Childhood Studies

Fun Fact: I've been dancing since I was 4.

Tim - Tank 

Major: Accounting

Fun Fact: I play the ukulele.

Rebecca - Pepper 

Major: Kinesiology

Fun Fact: My name is Pepper, but I'm actually a unicorn. 

Major: English

Fun Fact: I am president of the rowing team.

Chase - Chauncey 

Kiera - Kiwi

Major: Early Childhood Studies

Fun Fact: I collect fun facts.

Major: Sociology

Fun Fact: I'm bilingual (Arabic and English)

Hana - Buttercup 

Facundo - Rucucu

Major: Biology

Fun Fact: I was born in Argentina.

Natalie - Bubbles 

Major: English, Women's Gender Studies

Fun Fact: I like to embroider.

Connor - Salty 

Major: Environmental Studies

Fun Fact: My name is Salty, but I put pepper on all my food.

Hank - Bucket

Major: History

Fun Fact: I am the reigning champion of the sour patch watermelon toss.

Jordan - Big J

Major: Sociology

Fun Fact: I'm the tallest counselor (6'7")

Emily - Sunshine

Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: I lived in Australia for a year!